As one of the oldest specialist shops in the canton of Zug, Rösselet can look back on a multifaceted company history.


On 1 May 1911, Arnold Cäsar Rösselet (1874–1955), master watchmaker in La Chaux-de-Fonds, acquires the watch business of Jules Keiser in Zug – one of the poorest cantons in Switzerland at the time. Since 1784, the shop had been located at Aegeristrasse 4 (then Linden 12) and was rebuilt after being completely destroyed by fire in 1812. The shop’s major new feature upon takeover was the display window that Arnold Rösselet had installed.


Arnold and his son Werner, who was also a qualified master watchmaker, succeed in building a loyal customer base over time. This allows the business to continue operating during the two world wars and despite all intervening recessions.


Werner Rösselet-Strahm (1913–1993), son of Arnold Rösselet, assumes responsibility for the building and business. The product range stills looks a bit different than today: in addition to watches and jewellery, the shop also sells eyeglasses, measuring instruments for spirits (known as spirit scales or alcohol meters) and grandfather clocks.

Thanks to Werner’s expertise, personality and kindness, the shop is able to continue operating successfully. The great support of his wife and family also contributed to the success of the business. 


Adrian Rösselet-Welti (*1951), grandson of the founder, takes over the watch and jewellery business in the third generation. Just a few years later, a major renovation and modification of the shop area takes place.


Rösselet celebrates its 100-year anniversary. For several decades, Rösselet has been Zug’s exclusive representative for the brands Rolex, Tudor and Hermès as well as for jewellery and watches from other renowned manufacturers.


Today, the Rösselet shop at Aegeristrasse 4 is a listed building. At the start of the new decade, Rösselet Schmuck & Uhren relaunches its website and hones its brand image.