A Rolex will last a lifetime but requires regular care and maintenance. Rösselet is your specialist for Rolex watches in the Zug region.


For our services, we only employ Rolex-certified watchmakers, who maintain your Rolex with the utmost care, attention and precision. Your watch is precisely and completely disassembled into its constituent parts. The condition of each part is inspected, and the parts are cleaned in a special ultrasonic bath. Components relevant for ensuring watertightness and any elements exhibiting damage are replaced. We of course only use original Rolex replacement parts.

Maintenance and testing

Only if each part meshes perfectly with the others can we guarantee the high precision of Rolex watches. To this end, the manufacture movement is meticulously tested for accuracy over several days and repaired or replaced if necessary. Afterwards, each individual part is lubricated and the watch is reassembled. During a final inspection, we once again ensure that there is no moisture whatsoever in the housing. After all that, you can collect your serviced Rolex watch from us.


Every watch is a highly sensitive instrument that achieves things that are simply incredible. Over the course of five years, a Rolex balance travels some 37,000 kilometres. We therefore recommend that you also take regular care of your watch between maintenance sessions. If your watch does not have a leather strap, clean it regularly with mild soapy water and remove fingerprints with a soft cloth. If your watch is immersed in salt water, make sure that you rinse your Rolex with tap water afterwards. These simple measures can extend the interval between maintenance sessions.


Do you have any question about our Rolex services or other concerns? Please drop by our shop – even without an appointment – or contact me by phone.

Adrian Rösselet

Managing director and owner